Welcome to Tsai Hsing School. With a history that spans over 65 years, Tsai Hsing has cultivated a unique culture and spirit that continues to grow. Forever looking forward, we continually challenge ourselves to innovate while carrying on the rich tradition of excellence that is associated with our name. We invite you to visit our beautiful, high-tech campus, observe our active and experiential approach to learning, and meet the teachers and students who make Tsai Hsing such a special place.

From Preschool Through Grade 12

From preschool through Grade 12, every Tsai Hsing student receives generous individual attention from faculty and staff. Whether it is introducing a kindergartener to English conversation, modeling advanced math topics for fifth graders, facilitating middle school students' exploration of digital presentation tools, or guiding our high school students through the college application process, Tsai Hsing has a team of caring professionals that work with each and every student. Also, Tsai Hsing's staff is available during breaks for extra help, collaboration and mentorship.

Learning By Doing

Our goal is to instill in our students a confidence and love of learning that will last well beyond their school years. More than just teaching students how to succeed on exams, we focus on the attainment of knowledge and life skills through experiential learning. Tsai Hsing students are active, curious and engaged. They enjoy collaborating and exploring the world as they learn by doing.

Tsai Hsing Family

All members of the Tsai Hsing community speak of our extraordinary sense of family. When Tsai Hsing alumni are asked what makes Tsai Hsing special, one of the answers we frequently get is that close friendships are made and maintained after graduating . Graduates often speak of the connections they build with faculty members and with other alumni, some of whom they may not even have known while at school. Tsai Hsing students are accustomed to interacting with their teachers and are therefore not afraid to ask questions. The openness in the classroom promotes a culture of collaboration and a sense of community which lasts beyond graduation.