Elementary School


Character Education

Each student’s character is the most important thing in his or her life; therefore, Tsai Hsing continuously emphasizes values such as honesty, compassion, diligence, and courage. In order to achieve this goal, students are encouraged to put their words into practice: to love everyone and everything, to go into whys and wherefores, and to make breakthroughs. For example, all students learn to love our school by beautifying the campus and keeping it clean. Students become more positive and confident as they learn to love all people and their environment by participating in activities designed to further their compassion. Part of this is an open dialogue whereby students share their stories and listen to speeches each week. In many of these speeches, we emphasize giving thanks to the people who have helped them. It is our belief at Tsai Hsing that all these things help to build a student's sound character.


Bilingual Education

Our school's focus is on languages. Therefore, we hold activities and competitions in both Chinese and English. The competition is not only with our school’s students, but also with other students from Taipei City and from around Taiwan. Our students do very well in these competitions. For example, Tsai Hsing has won the Taipei Kids English Competition three years running.

1) Chinese - We emphasize reading and writing. All grades are inspired to read Chinese classical literature and other reading materials. In the early grades, we invite students and parents to read together with their reading teachers. If students do well, they are awarded and recognized. Our teachers emphasize written compositions to help students clearly communicate their ideas to readers. The teachers publish good compositions in the Monthly Tsai Hsing Journal. They also teach students to write calligraphy in appreciation of traditional Chinese arts.

2) English - Our school creates an English environment for all students by learning with native speakers of English. Teachers use English to teach science, art, and mathematics; furthermore, our students engage in a distance learning class with American students so that they can learn more about different cultures while becoming more globalized.


We have SMART Boards, digital lecterns, computers, and projectors in each classroom. In addition, students in distance learning classes use iPads to assist them with their assignments and discoveries. All students learn technology skills when they are young and are encouraged to apply these skills to their lives. In addition, every class has its own electronic address book and website, which is convenient for connecting parents, teachers, and students.